Welcome patients from abroad seeking medical help for their problems in India.
India has been one of the favorite destinations for medical help across the globe.
The efficiency of doctors, the ease of approach to hospitals and affordable health care are the pioneer factors which promote international patients visiting India.
In case you are seeking help for any health related problem from any part of the world, just drop us a message and we will take care of the rest.

For our friends from Central Africa, we also provide French translation support through our French medical language experts
We provide you with estimate of medical cost for your problem and help you in procuring right documents for Indian visa so that you can have hassle-free travel and just focus on getting better
Not carrying INR currency?
Do not worry
We provide currency exchange support
for you
Leave your visa and travel related worries to us and just tackle your medical issues
We have created a direct help for you if you are an African seeking medical help in India. We have our international offices located in Kinshasa, DRC and Nairobi, Kenya.
You can also reach on our international number at +243897574341