Brain Click is a unique initiative of STEP International Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a Company dedicated in improving education and care of neurological and mental diseases in India and taking these measures to the grass root level. The operations of Brain Click are headed by a team of dedicated and committed professionals (mostly doctors from various specialties), who are also a part of the Company. Our assets are our medical expertise, experience, dedication and commitment towards health of our country that sets us apart from others.

Our Vision

Brain Click is the result of our concerns regarding need of people in India to understand brain and mind related problems and how to choose not just a good but right doctor for their problems. We have chosen the services presented here considering the difficulty faced by people in finding the best doctor, investigation center or hospital investigating and treating brain and mind problems in their region, and also a lack of information on doctors who can do home visits for patients. Our vision is Healthy India. We also offer many other affordable programs to help improve well being of a person. Click here to check our VISION.