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What causes stroke or paralysis?

Risk factors that
cannot be
treated include:
Age: The older you are, the higher
the risk. The risk of having a stroke
doubles each decade after the age
of 55.
Gender: More men than women
experience stroke.
Heredity: African Americans ,
Hispanics/Latinos, and Asians have
higher risk than Caucasians. Family
history of stroke or heart disease.
A prior stroke: or TIA (Transient
Ischemic Attack) or heart attack.
Risk Factors you CAN control:
High Blood Pressure: Should be controlled and maintained at less than
140/90 mmHg.
Heart Disease: Atrial fibrillation (a rapid, irregular heartbeat) should be
treated, talk with your physician about your options.
Carotid Artery Disease: Can be treated by surgery, stenting a clogged
artery in the neck, or medical therapy.
Smoking: If you smoke, you are putting yourself at a much higher risk for
stroke and many other dangerous health conditions. It is important that
you quit smoking now.
High Cholesterol: Total cholesterol should be less than 200, bad
cholesterol (LDL) should be less than 100. Eat a diet low in saturated fat,
cholesterol, and salt. There are very effective medications to treat this also.
Diabetes: Increases the risk for stroke and should be controlled through
diet, oral hypoglycemics (medications taken by mouth that lower blood
sugar) or insulin.
Obesity: The more overweight, the higher the risk for stroke.
Excess Alcohol Intake: Should be avoided, no more than 1 alcoholic
drink per day for women, no more than 2 per day for men.
Physical Inactivity: Being inactive increases your risk.