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All those people in need of some sleep ?

Dear friends

With stress mounting up and busy lives, adequate sleep which is of paramount importance for our mind and body is taking a back seat

Insomnia cases are rampant

Some people cannot sleep altogether, some sleep a few hours and some just dont sleep at all

The harmful effects of sleep is plenty

Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to Serious Health Problems

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for:

According to some estimates, 90% of people with Insmonia– a sleep disorder characterized by trouble falling and staying asleep — also have another health condition

Such are the harmful effects of Insomnia or lack of falling asleep

I have found one magic solution to this problem

I am a neurologist and I have tested it to recommend to you


Its a brilliant small little device to destress ,works by principle of AVE also called audio visual entrainment

Know more about it on

I have seen many patients being helped by it

Each person’s physiology is distinct, but believe me what ever helps people fall off to sleep, is a boon

People pump in a lot of diazepams to fall asleep, and their body and brain’s are dependent on it and also addicted

I would sincerely request people to have a look at the AVE system to help get some sleep

Chao !

Have a restful sleep tonight