About Us

Brain Click is a unique initiative of STEP International Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a Company dedicated in improving education and care of neurological and mental diseases in India and taking these measures to the grass root level.

Our Vision:

To provide Education & Accessibility to every Indian regarding brain and mind related diseases & about specialists, centers and hospitals investigating & treating these disorders through an innovative online portal
Our Mission:
To utilize the potential of widespread and handy availability & accessibility of internet to people of India for providing a free online portal where people can directly access the following in one click:

  • Information on common brain and mind related diseases in simple language
  • Best & most experienced brain and mind related specialists, investigation & treatment centers &      hospitals in their region
  • Specialists for their queries and opinions in India & abroad directly
  • Exclusive & latest products for brain health from comforts of their home
Our Core Values:

Service | Quality | Care | Passion | Sensitivity



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